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Break Into The Fast-Growing Beauty Industry

The permanent makeup industry is one of the fastest growing and well-paid industries in the United States – and that is not going to change.

But it can be extremely hard to get into.

For most segments of this industry, it can take years of practice, working low-paying jobs, and “paying your dues” until you start making great money.

But there’s a way for you to break into this industry quickly, help clients look and feel more beautiful, and make great money all at the same time.

And that’s by:

Being the First to Catch the Right Trend

I’ve been in this industry for 13 years.

I’ve seen trends come and go. I’ve seen what makes money and what doesn’t. And I’ve seen that trends that are most popular in Europe right now become the hottest new thing in America within a couple years.

That’s the easiest way to make a name for yourself and make good money in this industry, but it has to be the right trend. And machine brows are the next big thing that most PMU artists in America still haven’t caught on to.

Yes, you could become the best permanent makeup specialist or choose something that already has thousands of competitors all across the US… But that’s the hard way to do it and success is not guaranteed.

A much better path to follow is to:

Become the Machine Brow Leader in Your Area

When you’re the only one in your area who does machine brows, you automatically become the go-to person there.

And if you’re good – and after taking this course you will be – clients will recommend you to their friends, who will recommend you to their friends, and soon enough you will have more clients than you know what to do with.

Even if you already run a beauty salon the machine brow technique can be an incredible addition that helps you stand out from the crowd and attract more customers to your business.

Why Machine Brows?

Take a look at these two pictures:

Both look beautiful

but there IS a difference between them.

The machine strokes technique creates a more natural, realistic look for fuller brows, but that’s not the only advantage it has over microblading and powder techniques.

It also lasts longer and can be used with a larger variety of clients.

The Easiest Way to Learn Machine Hair Strokes Brows

Is to learn from someone who has been doing it for a long time.

Even though it’s a lucrative technique that looks more natural than microblading and can be used with more clients… It’s also a lot harder to learn.

It took me nearly two years to get good at it because I had to figure it out through trial and error.

Figuring out what works for different skin types, what needle size to use, how to make sure it stays on the client’s face and looks natural… All of this takes time.

That’s Why

I’ve Created ThisMasterclass

You don’t have to waste hundreds, or even thousands of hours on trying to figure it all out by yourself.

Instead you can just follow the step-by-step process inside of the course, follow the practice plan I laid out for you, and get to the point where you can get high paying clients much faster than you would on your own.

I’ve taught 100s of people in person to do this technique so I know this method works and it will work for you.

Here's a peek inside:



Welcome to Heavenberg Academy

Getting the foundations right so we can get started fast.



The Importance of Getting to Know Your Client

Discover why sometimes not providing the service can bring you more clients and how to figure out if a client is the right fit for this technique.



Getting Creative with Brow Design

Embrace your creativity and make the most out of this powerful technique with this module. I’ll show you how it works, different ways of doing it, and much more.



Demonstration with a Live Model

Let's work on this together! Follow along as I demonstrate this technique on a live model and discover exactly what you should (and shouldn’t do) when you do this procedure yourself.



An Up and Coming Artist

Now you are ready to make more money and do what you love! Congratulations!

Meet Your Instructor

My name is Debóra Berg.

I’m an NJ state Certified Permanent Makeup Artist and American Academy Certified Platinum Trainer. I have been the founder of HeavenBerg Permanent Beauty clinic from 2014 till this day and HeavenBerg Academy since 2018. I’m originally from Estonia Tallinn, where I had my first PMU procedure, and I absolutely fell in love with the idea of it being an excellent profession for women.

I love art. I love beauty and this profession is never boring. My goal was to make students understand and learn faster while they were all busy in their day-to-day routine.

In this master class, it is important to remember the information the illustration helps them visually understand and have a good understanding of the topics. If I did it, they could do it.

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Certified Master Artist




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I took Debora’s 100 hour Fundamental Training Course along with her Apprenticeship program in January 2022. I finished my apprenticeship early February 2022 and I am now AAM Board Certified in the matter of a little over a month! I learned so much from Debora! She is a wonderful instructor and takes her time teaching you and preparing you to be on your own! Don’t go anywhere else! Register at Heavenberg Academy if your looking to get into the PMU world.
Thanks again Debora

Rula Elghossain

I recently had the most pleasurable experience of taking classes at Heavenberg Academy. The course is thoroughly informative and the hands on practical experience is second to none. The instructor / owner Deborah Berg is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of PMU. I was able to learn and grasp the PMU techniques completely and fully, because her teaching technique is easily understood . If you were thinking about getting into the permanent makeup industry. Do not hesitate to attend Heavenberg Academy for your 100 hour course.

Derek McCabe