I’d always been interested in permanent cosmetic makeup near me in Bergen County, NJ, but when I saw what friend’s results, I was even more interested.

Recently, we met up for lunch and when I commented on how great she looked, she told me about Heaven Berg Permanent Beauty.  I was amazed at how natural the effect was.  You’d never know that she’d had permanent makeup!


Permanent cosmetic makeup near me in Bergen County, NJ was something I was eager to explore, after seeing the perfectly natural results my friend had.  So, I called Heaven Berg and made an appointment for a free consultation.

I arrived to find a relaxing atmosphere and professional staff.  My technician carefully explained the permanent cosmetic makeup process to me, explaining that it’s also known as micropigmentation.

I was impressed by the range of options available, but also by the quality of the pigments used at Heaven Berg.  This facility uses only the highest quality products, imported from Europe for optimal results.   They also offer a huge variety of color options to ensure a completely natural look.

Enduring results.

My Heaven Berg tech explained that the results of permanent cosmetic makeup near me in Bergen County, NJ would last for 2 to 5 years.  That seemed like a rather broad estimate, so I asked why.  She explained that sun exposure can reduce the amount of time that micropigmentation remains in place.

I asked whether there was any pain involved in the process and was told that any discomfort would be minimal because Heaven Berg technicians apply a topical anesthetic before getting to work.

So many choices.

I was given an array of choices, from permanent eyebrows and 3D microblade eyebrows to lip and eyeliner to full, permanent lip color.  Following my consultation, I decided to go ahead and have permanent eyebrows and eyeliner.

Now that my permanent makeup is done, I couldn’t be happier with the results.  There’s nothing like rolling out of bed in the morning with perfectly groomed eyebrows and eyeliner looking fresh and natural.

Permanent cosmetic makeup near me in Bergen County, NJ keeps me looking my best, with minimal effort.  I can’t believe how much time I save every day because I don’t have to fuss with my eyebrows and eye makeup.  After my skincare routine and doing my hair, I’m ready to go!

Heaven Berg made it all so easy and pleasant.   I’m grateful I had lunch with my friend that day and found out about this incredible beauty resource.

If you’re ready to look your natural best with minimal fuss, you’re ready for a visit to Heaven Berg Permanent Beauty.  This salon does excellent work, with a highly-trained staff and the best quality products available.

I love being able to walk out the door in the morning without spending all the time I used to get my face together.  You can do it, too!  Contact Heaven Berg for a free consultation to discover makeup that’s permanent and perfectly natural.