Permanent cosmetic makeup near me in Bergen County, NJ.

I’m a busy woman and I love to swim.  I’d thought about permanent makeup for years.  Recently, I was talking to a friend when I noticed how perfectly lined her eyes were.  When I asked her how she achieved this flawless look, she said, “Heaven Berg!”.

What on earth was that, I wondered.  My friend explained that Heaven Berg is a beauty spa offering permanent cosmetic makeup near me in Bergen County, NJ.  I was astounded.  Her eyeliner looked perfect and I never would have suspected it was done by an aesthetician.

She then confided in me that her lip color had also been done at Heaven Berg.  I was amazed at how natural and soft her lip color was.  Again, I was very surprised to hear that my friend had used a permanent solution, because salon intervention was completely undetectable.

I was sold.  My friend gave me Heaven Berg’s contact information and I called to schedule an appointment.

Professional service.

When I arrived for my free consultation at Heaven Berg Permanent Beauty, I was impressed by the high level of professional service I was treated to.  The staff at Heaven Berg prides itself on providing their guests with the most professional services available in the beauty industry.

Debora Berg brings almost 10 years’ experience in the cosmetics industry to her work at Heaven Berg.  As a board-certified permanent makeup specialist in the State of New Jersey, she employs the most advanced knowledge and equipment.  She keeps abreast of the latest developments in the industry to make sure her valued customers are getting only the best.

I immediately sensed that Debora was a serious professional.  She told me that permanent makeup isn’t for everybody, so she carefully set about ensuring that I was a candidate for it.

And lucky me!  I passed the audition!

An incredible difference.

Debora put me completely at ease about the procedure, explaining that it was safe and sterile.  She also let me know that all guests receive a local anaesthetic to prevent discomfort.

My eye liner looks amazing and will last for years.  That means I save time with fussy morning makeup rituals and emerge from the pool looking as fabulous as I when I jumped in.  Now that I’ve seen these fantastic results, I’m ready to have my eyebrows microbladed.  That will save me even more time!

I can’t believe I wait so long to try permanent cosmetic makeup near me in Bergen County, NJ.  I’m so glad I connected with my friend and that she told me about this amazing beauty resource, Heaven Berg Permanent Beauty.


Fuss less.  Live more.

With permanent cosmetic makeup near me in Bergen County, NJ, I fuss less and live more.  There’s nothing more liberating than knowing you don’t have to check yourself in the mirror to make sure your eyeliner’s still there.  I can hardly wait for my first microblading session!

Are you a candidate for permanent cosmetic makeup?  Contact Heaven Berg for a free consultation to find out.