I’d always been curious about microblading near me in Rochelle Park, NJ, but when I saw how amazing it looked on my friend, I wanted to know more.

We met for dinner, recently and when I told her how beautiful her eyebrows looked, she clued me in on Heaven Berg Permanent Beauty.  I was amazed at the natural look.  You’d never know she’d had microblading done!


Microblading near me in Rochelle Park, NJ was something I wanted to check out, after seeing my friend’s natural-looking results.  I called Heaven Berg and booked an appointment for a free consultation.

I arrived to find a relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff.  My technician explained the microblading process to me in detail, telling me it would be achieved over 2 sessions, 4-6 weeks apart.

She also told me that right after the procedure, my brows would be somewhat darker than expected, but that the color would adjust, with time.  This salon uses only the finest quality products, imported from Europe for superior results.  Heaven Berg offers a full range of colors, guaranteeing natural results.

Beautiful eyebrows, with microblading.

My Heaven Berg technician advised that the results of microblading near me in Rochelle Park, NJ would last for about a year.  By investing only a couple of hours of my time, I would have expertly-shaped, completely natural-looking brows.

I asked if I could expect any discomfort while having microblading done and was told that any discomfort would be minimal, because Heaven Berg technicians apply a topical anesthetic before working on your eyebrows.

You’ll love them.

My tech said that Heaven Berg offers a complete range of permanent cosmetic makeup, in addition to their professional microblading.  Eye and lipliner and full, permanent lip color are also available.  Based on what she told me, I went ahead with microblading and added the full lip color treatment.

Now that I’m finished with my treatments, I love the way I look.  There’s nothing like getting out of bed in the morning with perfectly groomed eyebrows and natural-looking lip color.  It’s amazing how much time having the treatments done has saved me.

Microblading near me in Rochelle Park, NJ keeps me looking my best, effortlessly.  I save so much time, because I don’t need to bother with my eyebrows anymore.  My mornings are much more relaxed, nowadays!

Heaven Berg made the whole process easy.   I’m glad I had dinner with my friend that night and found out about this excellent beauty resource.

If you’re ready to look your best effortlessly and have more “you” time in the morning, you’re ready for a trip to Heaven Berg Permanent Beauty.  This facility does superb work, with a professionally trained staff and the best products available.

I love leaving the house in the morning without having to fuss over my eyebrows.  And you can do it, too!  Contact Heaven Berg for a free consultation to discover microblading near me in Rochelle Park, NJ and the very finest in permanent cosmetic makeup you’ll find anywhere.